2018 limited edition Christmas range! 

Due to popular demand we have created another festive themed flavour bundle AND we are bringing back the Hotpots to fuel your winter comfort for one time only! Packaged with seasonal flair and a special little bonus Christmas love note from #sharetheloveletters... we really hope you enjoy them!  

You can order the exact bundle pictured below or packs of Toppers or Hotpots in flavour combinations of your choice- please state in the notes at time of order. All bundle options are £20 plus £3 p+p UK only

Please note: all orders will be despatched w/c 10th December to reach you well before Christmas.


UPDATE: ‘stollen spice’ blend also available as a last minute addition (please add flavour note at checkout) - Dates, coconut chips, buckwheat, goji berries, stollen spice blend.

Take your pick... 

Gingerbread  -  "Get your classic rich gingerbread fix!"

Hot-Pots Ingredients: Oats, dates, coconut chips, flax, coconut milk powder, ground ginger, molasses, mixed spice

Toppers Ingredients: Dates, coconut chips, flax, ground ginger, molasses, mixed spice


Spiced Apple  -  "Winter warmth full of fruity spice and crunchy texture"

Hot-Pots Ingredients: Oats, dates, coconut chips, buckwheat, coconut milk powder, mixed spice blend, apple essence

Toppers Ingredients: Dates, coconut chips, buckwheat, mixed spice blend, apple essence


Choc-Hazelnut Crunch -  "Just like super healthy fererro rocher sprinkles!"

Hot-Pots Ingredients: Oats, dates, coconut, cocoa, flax, coconut milk powder, natural orange extract

Toppers Ingredients: Dates, coconut chips, buckwheat, cocoa, natural hazelnut extract

Christmas Bundle

Choose from three options (plus ‘Stollen Spice’). In order notes at checkout please specify flavour preference(s). If no preferences are given you will be sent a mixture of all three flavours (as shown in photos). 

Toppers are 100g packets and Hotpots are 70g single serve packets. ‘Big Bag’ Toppers are 1kg of a single flavour.


  • 1kg ‘Big Bag’ Toppers

  • 3 x Toppers and 6 x Hotpots

  • 12 x Hotpots

  • 6 x Toppers

All packaged in compostable packaging (other than the ‘Big Bag’)

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Please note: all orders will be despatched w/c 10th December.

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Nutrition information:

Toppers: (suggested serving size = 15g)

  • Choc Hazelnut: cals per 100g- 336.4 / total fat- 9.2g / sat. fat- 7.6g / total carbs- 68.4g / sugars- 45.3g / protein 4.6g

  • Spiced Apple: cals per 100g- 338 / total fat- 8.8g / sat. fat- 7.3g / total carbs- 68.3g / sugars- 46.9g / protein 4.0g

  • Gingerbread: cals per 100g- 373.2 / total fat- 16.5g / sat. fat- 12.5g / total carbs- 60.3g / sugars- 46.4g / protein 4.4g


  • Choc Hazelnut: cals per 70g serving- 244 / total fat- 5.3g / sat. fat- 2.8g / total carbs- 46.0g / sugars- 11.8g / protein 6.7g

  • Spiced Apple: cals per 70g serving- 245 / total fat- 5.3g / sat. fat- 2.6g / total carbs- 45.1g / sugars- 12.8g / protein 6.6g

  • Gingerbread: cals per 70g serving- 256 / total fat- 7.1g / sat. fat- 4.0g / total carbs- 42.8g / sugars- 11.7g / protein 6.6g


The Toppers Family!

Toppers are naturally sweet sprinkle toppings using whole ground dates blended with coconut, seeds, spices and nutrient rich 'super foods' designed to support your optimal health and fuel your creativity. What better way to boost your breakfast, dessert or afternoon snack... so quit the refined sugars and go grab a spoon!

Who said healthy eating was no fun? ;-)

Pop over to the gallery for more inspiration.

(You can also click the images below to enlarge the info)


Toffee Pudding

Your classic toffee pud just got a super healthy makeover! Naturally rich dates create the perfect backdrop for a toffee-like profile with a teeny touch of blackstrap molasses and caramel essence to add depth of flavour.

Cherry Bakewell

Packing in the potent power of pure beetroot for a big nutritional boost and a beautiful hue! It's the perfect complement to the classic cherry bakewell flavours you know so well.

Apple Crumble

Whole buckwheat kernels give this apple crumble mix amazing texture, paired with cinnamon and apple essence for a sweetly spiced and fruity flavour to rival your mum's home cooking!

Choc Coconut

This rich chocolate topping might look simple but don't be fooled! This mix packs in extra flaxseed and maca root for an optimum kickstart


A healthy twist on the classic childhood flavour. Pure ginger with a hint of mixed spice and rich black strap molasses, makes for sweetly intense gingerbread like any you've ever know

Chocolate Hazelnut

A luxury chocolate combination reminiscent of Christmas sweets. Super indulgent with added buckwheat for extra crunch factor!

Super Seedy

Here the seeds to do all the talking! A chunky texture with a mega flaxseed boost. Complimented with a touch of cinnamon and mixed spices for a healthy twist on a classic combo!

Lemon Pie

A sweet and zesty sprinkle to liven up any snack or even savoury dish! With turmeric for a colourful nutritional twist!


Things to note: All products contain only the naturally occurring unrefined sugars found naturally within fruit. Fats are only from whole foods including a high proportion of coconut which is a unique form of saturated fat that is actually beneficial to the body and more readily utilised as energy than stored as fat. Research indicates it can promote weight loss along with numerous other health benefits. The products contain only real, whole foods with no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Allergy Information: Products contain coconut (now classified as a tree nut although technically a fruit!) May also contain traces of other nuts due to manufacturing methods. Although all products are dairy, egg and wheat free, products are prepared within a environment that handles gluten so may contain traces. All products are suitable for vegans.