It's only three weeks to Easter!!

Do you fancy a sweet indulgence that's free from refined sugars, dairy, wheat and soy? Try Wholeplus Toppers- perfect for a little Spring indulgence. Sprinkle a spoonful over your favourite desserts, yoghurt or breakfast. The tubs will store in the fridge for up to 6 months.

My favourite Easter flavours are Mint Choc and Lemon Pie... what will you choose?

P.s check out the flyer graphic below to see just a few of the ways to use Toppers!

National Breakfast Week... and a special offer for you!


It's National Breakfast Week and as a little gift to you I am giving you all 10% any order placed this week!  Toppers and Hotpots are the perfect breakfast companions and so it wouldn't be right not to share the love with you!

Not yet tried the Wholeplus range?  Curious to try out the new flavours... here is your chance!!

Enter BREAKFASTWEEK at the checkout to claim your 10% discount.  Offer this week only!!


Get in on the social media action and share the love with friends too and let them know about the Wholeplus range. Check out @wholplus on Instagram.

Get inspired.... follow Wholeplus on Instagram!

One of things I have most loved as Wholeplus has grown is seeing all your creations and innovative ways of using the products. This played a big part in going me the confidence to discontinue the Squares.

In December Wholeplus launched it's own Instagram account!  Its still early days so your help will make it grow!

On other social media front Wholeplus shares space with my health coaching site Including Cake (maybe one day this will change but not for now) however I felt that with all the photos popping up in my personal feed... Wholeplus was truly deserving of it's own space. A space to celebrate Topper and Hotpots in all their indulgent glory!

So, come and find Wholeplus here and getting tagging your posts too!!

Here's some inspiration from the gallery to get you started...

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A big revamp... some changes, new flavours and new packaging!

Hey there! January is already in full flow and I hope it's kicked of with great potential for you all!

For me, Christmas was a time for much reflection and planning for the future in all areas my life and business. 2014 was Wholeplus' first real year in business (other than small orders I did for friends, family and my local gym prior to that!) and it saw so much growth and future potential that I knew during the last quarter of the year, a big review was inevitable.  

You'll see the website has just had a revamp and as part of that process i've taken to the decision to modify my product lines to focus solely on the Toppers and Hotpots and no longer sell the Squares (or Slices as per the Christmas range which still available until the end of January). In upscaling the business I simply cannot continue to manually chop every single tiny Square. In addition to that, I believe the Toppers and Hot-Pots are the most unique and creative products... there isn't anything quite like them on the market whereas the principle of the Squares wasn't such a unique concept. It was a heart wrenching decision though... I loved the Squares! But I genuinely feel the other products have more to offer.. can't wait to get creative with them!

Nothing else will change... everything will still be 100% handmade and hand packaged, I have simply looked to ensure that the effort is focussed on the product itself and not on labour time in packaging. I want to make sure time and energy is spent on the part you'll actually get to eat!! :-)

I'm so excited about where 2015 could go! There was some fantastic feedback on the Toppers that were featured in subscription boxes during December- check out the gallery for ideas and this has given me the confidence that it's definitely a winning product!

As part of revamp I have created a range of new flavours, the old favours are still there with small tweaks, and I have launched some new ones too! The packaging of the Toppers has also had a upgrade. Instead of 100g packets you get 170g tubs... much more robust and easy to store, and will last that bit longer too as you sprinkle onto your breakfast, snack or dessert. The Hotpots haven't changed- still the single serve sachets you love.

I am also in talks to make Wholeplus more available on the web (I totally appreciate that not everyone want to buy in bulk), but this may take some time to come together so please hang tight!

Thank you for your support so far... here's to an exciting year ahead!

Wholeplus... the subscription box review!

This Christmas period my Wholplus goodies were featured in four different subscription boxes and since I have four other family members I thought it would be a lovely surprise (and a little proud moment for me!) to wrap up a box from each to put under the tree to share with them on Christmas day!

I also felt it was ideal opportunity to review the boxes to show my appreciation for them having supported me on my journey and I in theirs. I have big things planned for 2015 and without the support of companies such as these, Wholeplus could never have been what is today. Seeing my goodies tagged on Instagram and around social media has brought such light to my life that I never could've anticipated this time last year!


You can see the full review post over at Including Cake here!


The Christmas range is here!

Usually I'm really bad when it comes to getting on board with foodie celebrations throughout the year, it's not that I don't celebrate them... it's simply that I don't plan ahead and get things sorted in time… BUT this year is different and I'm ready to rock with a festive theme and October isn't even over yet!

collection white back.jpg

Don't worry I'm not the kind of person who has already got her Christmas shopping well underway, (I'll be leaving that until December) but I'd recently been experimenting with lots of Christmas recipes to be featured in various magazine and so healthy indulgence had been on my mind and it seemed only fitting to create you a range of healthy festive treats.

You can check out the goodies on the new Christmas menu tab here and hop over to Including Cake to place your order. I've also put together a little 'Festive Catalogue' so that you can order gifts and share my goodies with your friends and colleagues. For anyone who orders multiple goodies on behalf of a group I'll throw in a free gift just for you!


It's been a labour of love in creating the catalogue and developing the range for you... lots of taste testing going down!  I'm so happy it's here!

You'll see there is a new product - 'Slices'!  These are a revamp of the classic 'Squares', using an identical recipe process but simply slicing into larger bars instead of chopping into mini cubes. Each pack is 400g and consists of three chunky slices. The new format is simply so that you get more product for your money as less time labour time is needed our end and you have the choice to serve them however you please- cut them into cubes, bars, slices...whatever you like. You can can freeze some of the slices whole if you like too.