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As you will know, from looking at the order page,  I am very soon to be re-launching the Wholeplus platform to create a subscription style service and your anonymous feedback but way of these 10 quick questions (which will probably take you about 90 seconds) is so hugely appreciated.

If you already love Wholeplus products... this is your chance to get the best from us! :-)

If you are not already subscribed, you can subscribe to the mailing list HERE to be kept in the loop with the new launch and receive special mailing list only offers in the next few weeks!

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P.s Thank you soooooo much!


NEW Toppers big bags and newsletter!!

We had a little revamp over the Christmas holidays and have taken into account customer feedback! We decided to launch a 'big bag' refill style package of Toppers that is roughly equivalent to 6 tubs.

Since the Topper's store so well in the fridge or freezer they last for long time and by selling them in larger bags you can refill your own tubs and we are able to save on time and packaging thus offering you a great cost saving!

You can order your 'big bags' here!

We also now have a dedicated newsletter! For a long time Wholeplus has shared the Including Cake newsletter (which is Jo's main vegan recipe and health coaching website). It's time we spread our wings, so we hope you join us there for news and special offers over the course of the months to come.

You can sign up to our newsletter here!

Wholeplus... the subscription box review!

This Christmas period my Wholplus goodies were featured in four different subscription boxes and since I have four other family members I thought it would be a lovely surprise (and a little proud moment for me!) to wrap up a box from each to put under the tree to share with them on Christmas day!

I also felt it was ideal opportunity to review the boxes to show my appreciation for them having supported me on my journey and I in theirs. I have big things planned for 2015 and without the support of companies such as these, Wholeplus could never have been what is today. Seeing my goodies tagged on Instagram and around social media has brought such light to my life that I never could've anticipated this time last year!


You can see the full review post over at Including Cake here!


The Christmas range is here!

Usually I'm really bad when it comes to getting on board with foodie celebrations throughout the year, it's not that I don't celebrate them... it's simply that I don't plan ahead and get things sorted in time… BUT this year is different and I'm ready to rock with a festive theme and October isn't even over yet!

collection white back.jpg

Don't worry I'm not the kind of person who has already got her Christmas shopping well underway, (I'll be leaving that until December) but I'd recently been experimenting with lots of Christmas recipes to be featured in various magazine and so healthy indulgence had been on my mind and it seemed only fitting to create you a range of healthy festive treats.

You can check out the goodies on the new Christmas menu tab here and hop over to Including Cake to place your order. I've also put together a little 'Festive Catalogue' so that you can order gifts and share my goodies with your friends and colleagues. For anyone who orders multiple goodies on behalf of a group I'll throw in a free gift just for you!


It's been a labour of love in creating the catalogue and developing the range for you... lots of taste testing going down!  I'm so happy it's here!

You'll see there is a new product - 'Slices'!  These are a revamp of the classic 'Squares', using an identical recipe process but simply slicing into larger bars instead of chopping into mini cubes. Each pack is 400g and consists of three chunky slices. The new format is simply so that you get more product for your money as less time labour time is needed our end and you have the choice to serve them however you please- cut them into cubes, bars, slices...whatever you like. You can can freeze some of the slices whole if you like too. 

One True Grit....mud, water, climbing...the challenge!

Last weekend Jo took part in One True Grit, a team challenge to make it through 10km of obstacles all in the name of charity- Prostate `Cancer UK. 

It was tough, muddy, wet...but thankfully not too cold (well unless you were in the water!)

The Wholeplus Hot-Pots gave Jo a breakfast boost and a few cheeky Squares powered her through the race and beyond. 

Go team 'Spinal Destination'!

Wholeplus teamed up with The Spine and Wellness Centre (one of the centres we supply our products to) and collaborate with) to gear up the motivation and camaraderie!

Coconut oil...a true superfood!

For all the healthy foodies out'll already know the amazing benefit of coconut. It's a great 'nut free' and 'dairy free option and so versatile in many healthy recipes.

But above and behind all that, one of it key benefits is it;s make up of medium chain fatty acids which are more readily converted into energy than stored as fat...the perfect candidate for the Wholeplus range!

Last weekend the Main On Sunday ran and article about the benefits of coconut. Click the image below to head across to ready the full article.