NEW Toppers big bags and newsletter!!

We had a little revamp over the Christmas holidays and have taken into account customer feedback! We decided to launch a 'big bag' refill style package of Toppers that is roughly equivalent to 6 tubs.

Since the Topper's store so well in the fridge or freezer they last for long time and by selling them in larger bags you can refill your own tubs and we are able to save on time and packaging thus offering you a great cost saving!

You can order your 'big bags' here!

We also now have a dedicated newsletter! For a long time Wholeplus has shared the Including Cake newsletter (which is Jo's main vegan recipe and health coaching website). It's time we spread our wings, so we hope you join us there for news and special offers over the course of the months to come.

You can sign up to our newsletter here!