Get inspired.... follow Wholeplus on Instagram!

One of things I have most loved as Wholeplus has grown is seeing all your creations and innovative ways of using the products. This played a big part in going me the confidence to discontinue the Squares.

In December Wholeplus launched it's own Instagram account!  Its still early days so your help will make it grow!

On other social media front Wholeplus shares space with my health coaching site Including Cake (maybe one day this will change but not for now) however I felt that with all the photos popping up in my personal feed... Wholeplus was truly deserving of it's own space. A space to celebrate Topper and Hotpots in all their indulgent glory!

So, come and find Wholeplus here and getting tagging your posts too!!

Here's some inspiration from the gallery to get you started...

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