The Christmas range is here!

Usually I'm really bad when it comes to getting on board with foodie celebrations throughout the year, it's not that I don't celebrate them... it's simply that I don't plan ahead and get things sorted in time… BUT this year is different and I'm ready to rock with a festive theme and October isn't even over yet!

collection white back.jpg

Don't worry I'm not the kind of person who has already got her Christmas shopping well underway, (I'll be leaving that until December) but I'd recently been experimenting with lots of Christmas recipes to be featured in various magazine and so healthy indulgence had been on my mind and it seemed only fitting to create you a range of healthy festive treats.

You can check out the goodies on the new Christmas menu tab here and hop over to Including Cake to place your order. I've also put together a little 'Festive Catalogue' so that you can order gifts and share my goodies with your friends and colleagues. For anyone who orders multiple goodies on behalf of a group I'll throw in a free gift just for you!


It's been a labour of love in creating the catalogue and developing the range for you... lots of taste testing going down!  I'm so happy it's here!

You'll see there is a new product - 'Slices'!  These are a revamp of the classic 'Squares', using an identical recipe process but simply slicing into larger bars instead of chopping into mini cubes. Each pack is 400g and consists of three chunky slices. The new format is simply so that you get more product for your money as less time labour time is needed our end and you have the choice to serve them however you please- cut them into cubes, bars, slices...whatever you like. You can can freeze some of the slices whole if you like too.