It's official... the new box is here and ready for orders!

Wohoooo... The new monthly subscription has officially launched... it's very early days so please be patient bear with us if there are teething problems with any aspect of the platform! Get in touch here with any queries at all.

You can now order a single box, a 3-month subscription or a 'big bag' (we launched a big bag due to popular request for favourite flavours available in a larger size!)

All orders will be dispatched at the end of each month, regardless of when you place tour order supplies bear that in mind!

We are also looking to create a 'mini sampler' pack for those who are new to Wholeplus and unsure about ordering a whole box. These should be available in the month or so. 

To show our appreciation for your support, you'll get 25% off your first order of any kind once you join the mailing list... so there is a little incentive to sign up today! ;-)

We hope you enjoy the box... any lovely words or feedback as well as any ideas on how we could improve the products or the service as we evolve are always very welcome. 

Please find us on social media- hit the links below... Instagram is our favourite hangout, just saying' ;-)  (tag @wholeplus in your creations!)

With so much love and big hugs for everyone who has supported the Wholeplus journey far...


You can place you order HERE! or click the image below!

The Wholeplus subscription- 'tester box' launched!

The NEW Wholeplus subscription box is coming very soon! Check out this page to keep in the know... and if you haven't signed up to the newsletter already you can do on that page too!

Here is a sneak peak of the intro leaflet to give you the full overview of our mission!

During May I launched a tester box and received some useful feedback and wonderful testimonials to help out finishing tweaks to the launch going life at the end of July 2017!

Here are some words that made my heart smile:

"A box of encouragement to be healthy”  

"This was my first experience ordering anything like this through the post - and what a delight. A selection of four very different toppers that could made into the recipe suggestions that came along with them or just sprinkled on my oats in the morning! And they are all delicious! A real treat”.

"The Wholeplus box was a lovely treat and the recipes gave me inspiration to get cooking. Love that it is refined sugar free - great to have a healthy treat. The recipes were easy to follow and quick to make.”

"These are great for sprucing up porridge and puddings! Makes your breakfast much more fun and healthy.”

I loved my wholeplus box; it really helped me think up flavour combo and recipe ideas, and ensured I had something quick, nutritious and delicious that could be transported easily for working breakfasts on my early morning starts. Lovely products, lovely service, and a warm and personal feel.”

"The whole ethos of wholeplus is refreshing in the commercial bustle of today. Spending time on yourself and being aware of everything you put into your body is key. This box fits perfectly and entangles busy people to have a wholesome breakfast without having to get up hours earlier.”

"The Wholeplus box is great. Receiving the recipe cards encouraged me to have a go at making them and they are simple and delicious. I love the toppers and the love letter is a great touch and an opportunity to spread some love! A great box for mind and body."

Help make Wholeplus the best it can be!

As you will know, from looking at the order page,  I am very soon to be re-launching the Wholeplus platform to create a subscription style service and your anonymous feedback but way of these 10 quick questions (which will probably take you about 90 seconds) is so hugely appreciated.

If you already love Wholeplus products... this is your chance to get the best from us! :-)

If you are not already subscribed, you can subscribe to the mailing list HERE to be kept in the loop with the new launch and receive special mailing list only offers in the next few weeks!

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P.s Thank you soooooo much!


NEW Toppers big bags and newsletter!!

We had a little revamp over the Christmas holidays and have taken into account customer feedback! We decided to launch a 'big bag' refill style package of Toppers that is roughly equivalent to 6 tubs.

Since the Topper's store so well in the fridge or freezer they last for long time and by selling them in larger bags you can refill your own tubs and we are able to save on time and packaging thus offering you a great cost saving!

You can order your 'big bags' here!

We also now have a dedicated newsletter! For a long time Wholeplus has shared the Including Cake newsletter (which is Jo's main vegan recipe and health coaching website). It's time we spread our wings, so we hope you join us there for news and special offers over the course of the months to come.

You can sign up to our newsletter here!

Love Porridge.... Well I have something just for you!

The perfect opportunity to let your Toppers shine!

Written in conjunction with my sister site Including Cake... this stunning full colour ebook contains 58 of my favourite porridge recipes (and porridgey spin offs!) to help you feel warm, comforted and totally nourished during Autumn, Winter and far beyond! 

Perfect for those looking for a whole host of 'free form' options plus recipes toppings and various porridge bases to give you plenty of 'mix and match' inspiration... there are literally endless combinations. 

Goldilocks... eat your heart out!