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What’s special about the Wholeplus range?

Wholeplus is all about healthy whole foods to fuel your body as much as it is about creating tasty snacks! The products have been developed with an active lifestyle in mind and include 'superfoods' and ingredient profiles that assist peak performance. See Our Ingredients for more information.  Wholeplus has also been designed as an allergy friendly, flexible and versatile range of products to integrate into your individual daily routine in and endless number of ways.


When should I eat which types of products?

TOPPERS are a range of sweet 'sprinkly toppings' made from whole ground dates infused with super foods, coconut, seeds and spices. The perfect alternative to refined sugars and syrups over breakfasts, snacks and desserts.

HOT-POTS are a porridge pot with a difference! Dairy free, sugar free and vegan, we think you'll agree that these pots are a little bit special. Packed with Toppers for a natural sweetness and oats to help keep you going when you most need it, any time of day, in any situation. (note: the oats we use are not certified gluten free oats but are naturally wheat free)


Who are the products suitable for?

The range is primarily geared towards active types and those with an interest in fitness. But all products really have been specially designed to be suitable for everyone including kids as a healthy alternative to refined sugar laden treats.  All products are vegan, soy free and wheat free (oats are not gluten free) so also suitable to those with a range of allergies and intolerances.


I haven't heard of some of the ingredients, where can I find out more?

We have provided more details of why we have selected each of the ingredients in our products here.


How are the products manufactured?

All products incur minimal processing without heat to maximise nutritional output …it is primarily a case of blending together a selection of whole dried fruits, coconut, seeds, cocoa powder, superfoods and spices. Simple is the best!


Are the products organic?

We initially set out to be 100% organic, but found that we could not secure a consistent supply for all of our ingredients, the costs of some organic ingredients also had a significant impact on pricing. We still seek to use organic ingredients as far as possible and many of the ingredients are indeed organic. Those that aren’t maintain the healthy whole food status but do not have organic certification. 


Are your products allergy friendly?

Whilst we do not use wheat, dairy, soy, or egg products during production, we cannot guarantee that there could be no traces since the products are manufactured and packaged in the same environment as these products. Please also note that whilst there are no gluten containing products used directly, some of the products include oats which some may have sensitivities too. All products use coconut and are therefore suitable for kids lunch boxes and environments where regular nuts are banned.


What are the flavour extracts used?

The vanilla flavouring is pure organic ground vanilla bean. The wheatgrass we use is pure organic ground wheatgrass powder. The ginger, cinnamon and mixed spice are pure ground spices. The other flavourings, such as peppermint and lemon, are pure oil-based extracts.


Why do you feel it is important that products be refined sugar free?

The products are created entirely from whole foods. Dates are the only wholefood sweetener and also help to bind the products without the need for baking…a true versatile superfood! Most other fitness products use glucose syrup and refined sugars which are like the rocket-fuels of sugar, they hit your bloodstream very quickly, which leads to a crash. Wholefood sweeteners are not refined and help temper this high with their increased fibre and nutrient content.


How long can I store the products?

All products are stable at normal room temperature for short periods of time, however we advise that upon receipt, products be refrigerated and consumed within 12 weeks for optimum freshness, best flavour and nutritional value.


Can all the products be frozen?

The TOPPERS can be frozen. We advise freezing for up to 2 months, but we personally have successfully frozen products for longer than this time with no problem. Freeze immediately upon receiving the products.


Will the products freeze hard or melt in heat?

When placed in the freezer the products will become very firm but will not freeze solid- we actually love serving the TOPPERS straight from the freezer! Similarly the products will not melt when heated, but may get stickier and the freshness of the ingredients are likely to be impaired if subjected to heat any length of time. For this reason we always advise keeping refrigerated.


How can I order you products?

All products are available for purchase online and through selected stockists. See the Terms & Conditions at the foot of the page, for more information on purchasing. The selected stockist details are subject to change and growth over time so please keep checking back.