An new option for your healthy snacking fix!

I have added a new page to my website... BESPOKE ORDERS! Check it out.

This will be in addition to my Toppers and Hotpots which are soon to be ready for order on their new platform.

For those of you who have been supporting Wholeplus since it's creation in 2013, you'll remember I originally sold 'Squares' which were the hugely popular tiny munchy cubes. Regrettably, I took them off my product line just over a year ago since they were too labour intensive and I was simply not able to upscale to meet demand. However it continued to play on my mind as I often get asked for 'squares' and 'bliss balls' and am constantly making them up for my self and as gifts... they often feature in the recipe blog over at Including Cake too.

So, it this in mind.... I have created a new bespoke ordering option... with a personalised twist!

I am offering balls, balls and squares as bespoke orders only so I can keep control of order numbers. These will be based on the Toppers base with 'mix-ins' to suit your preference that will bind the mixture into bars or balls for easy snacking.

Take a peek at the new page... enquiries and feedback all welcome! This bespoke service is live as of right now!