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"This is amazing. I am always trying to find new ways to add some flavour to my porridge, and this does the trick brilliantly. Would definitely want again!" Bryony - Flavourly Box


"Loved the wholeplustoppers! I avoid eating refined sugar but have a sweet tooth so I'm always on the look out for new things to try, so this was perfect as everything is tasty, all packaged up ready to go and you get recipe ideas!” - Faye Avuthiyande (Faye's Fitness and Wellbeing)


"Before my pregnancy, I was super fit but probably not the healthiest I could be (mostly due to laziness in the kitchen and taking it for granted that I was tall and slim!) however, after 9 months of the worst sickness imaginable and many stints in hospital trying to keep my baby, it's fair to say I was in a bit of a mess! Being diagnosed with "malnutrition" throughout my pregnancy, I needed some serious help and motivation! That's where Jo came in! I honestly have found her kindness and knowledge invaluable... And after sampling several different recipes from Wholeplus, I was blown away! I know my journey back to health is not going to be a short or easy one- but I can honestly say that WholePlus is going to help me get there!"  - Marian - (frazzled mother of a 1 year old boy)


“With nutrition being such an important element of fitness, it’s really important to me that I know what I’m eating is the most natural and pure source of energy. Of course what also helps is that all Wholeplus products taste fantastic as well! I can’t recommend them highly enough and have already been passing them on to my friends to try.” - Thomas (Cycling Enthusiast)


“I met Jo about a year ago and she’s been an excellent person to know. She’s knowledgeable and passionate and it comes through in her food. Jo doesn’t just say it, she embodies the healthy plant based lifestyle. She knows first hand what an immensely huge factor the fuel you use for your body has on....everything. Mood, energy, life longevity; the list goes on. I have tasted many of Jo’s creations and Wholeplus is a winner. Any consultation I have, I throw wholeplus into the conversation so clients can see first hand, the kind of food that makes you look and feel like a champion. Jo’s products tick every box. Healthy, tasty and creative.”  - Toby (Personal Trainer)


“Having signed up to Jo’s Including Cake newsletter, I was lucky enough to claim an offer on her Wholeplus Toppers – buying one (2 packets) and getting another free (how generous!) With all my favourite flavour combinations I was excited to give them a try. My taste buds could not have been any more tantalised by these naturally sweet and tasty treats. I sprinkled the toppers on my porridge, smoothies, snacks and raw desserts and occasionally nibbled straight from the packet, (don’t judge me; the choc boost topper is irresistible!) The combination of soft, gooey dates mixed with satisfyingly crunchy nuts, seeds, spices and superfoods made every morsel intensely moreish. I was even more delighted as the toppers are wheat, gluten and dairy free too. Jo has done a marvellous job in creating these little gems and I can’t wait to munch my way through the rest of the Wholeplus range – well, it’d be rude not to! Thank you for creating such wholesome yumminess, Jo and please keep up the wonderful work!”  - Katie Hedges (Health Coach - Thrive & Shine, you way to wellness) 


"A tasty but healthy sweet addition, which helps to make plain youghurt, porridge etc not so dull and more enjoyable to eat”


"Well done Jo the box is an absolute delight!!! The flavour options were lovely & my kids loved them on their morning porridge, smoothie bowls & sprinkled on ice cream :) Cant wait to try more”


"This was my first experience ordering anything like this through the post - and what a delight. A selection of four very different Toppers that could made into the recipe suggestions that came along with them or just sprinkled on my oats in the morning! And they are all delicious! A real treat”.


"These Toppers transformed my breakfast, I ditched the Cheerios for yoghurt topped with Wholeplus goodness. I can't wait to try them in an actual recipe!”


“Do you ever get bored with your breakfasts? No clue what to do that is still healthy and balanced? Search no more!! Wholeplus toppers are the solution and the box has handy easy to make recipe ideas too! Why just stick to topping breakfasts? Summer salads can have a new lease of life with the goji or seedy toppers too!”


"A great product. Very versatile, tastes delicious and keeps you fuelled up for hours! I love those toppings.”


"A great incentive to eat well, and make an ideal fast food when adding to breakfast and smoothies."


"A great product thats super tasty and easy to add to a variety of snacks and meals. Makes it so easy to have a great tasting, sweet, healthy snack.”


“I was surprised at how delicious these are! We have used them to add a little extra to healthy desserts as well as on fruity breakfasts. They last for ages as they are so tasty that only a sprinkle is needed. Great choices and fun to use.”


"I am in love with this cereal mix.   You could have it as a snack but it is a fabulous breakfast and I really enjoyed it  You add hot water to it and stir for 1 minute and enjoy.  It is a thick porridge type product, it is naturally sweet with little hits of berries.  The coconut and vanilla flavours are wonderful.  I could eat this every day.  It appears to be really healthy too". Maggie - veggies.co.uk


"I ordered some goodies from Jo at WholePlus. As a mother of two children and a nutrition expert I like snacks to pack a heap of nutrition wherever possible. These snacks did not disappoint. The Squares in particular are great for kids because of their size. An extra square is not going to go to waste because, unlike the extra portion of cake or round of toast they might ask for, it will get eaten. Thanks Jo for coming up with such a winning snack solution. Jenny Tschiesche - 'Lunchbox Doctor' Nutrition expert


"Having known Jo for quite some time through work, I had been following her ‘Including Cake’ blog with interest. My partner and I are both Lactose intolerant and have been struggling to find protein shakes / bars etc that agree with us. Coupled with that I have a huge interest in trying to stick to as vegan a diet as possible so we are asking quite a lot, I want my supplements to be natural, not packed with synthetic flavours and artificial sweeteners. We’ve tried all sorts. When Jo posted on Including Cake about her up and coming ‘Wholeplus’ range I was excited to try it. The Shots were a real game changer for me! Suddenly there was a protein rich, filling breakfast I could have which wasn’t egg / meat / dairy based (hallelujah!), I could eat on the go and required no prep! I used them almost as a meal replacement in the mornings, one serving with soya yogurt or on its own was perfect for a post gym breakfast to fuel me all morning and best of all I didn’t have any late morning hunger pangs. My partner prefers them sprinkled on his porridge and this keeps him fuelled for a day of hard work, in the elements without consuming any lactose, or sugars, stimulants etc.

Before finding Wholeplus he used to drink 2-3 energy drinks a day to keep going, now a good breakfast including his shots and he’s sorted for the day ahead. The taste and texture of the shots is awesome, there are chewy chocolatey bits, then crunchy buckwheat kernels and seeds – not just good for your body, they satisfy your taste buds too! I love using the squares as a pre-workout snack, either before indulging in a session at the gym, or before a dressage training session. They taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, like ‘how can these be good for me?!’ amazing. No synthetic sweetener taste or fake flavourings you get in normal protein bars, they’re rich and decadent and so so good! Mint Choc Chip and Vanilla Ice are my absolute favourites and they definitely give me a boost for working my body hard. I cannot fault any of Wholeplus’ products or service, it’s all brilliant and I would encourage everyone to give Wholeplus a go, instead of sticking with big brand workout supplements full of added rubbish!" Alix - health conscious fitness enthusiast


“Jo’s Squares are a great ‘go-to’ snack for those who want to eat healthily without sacrificing taste. Deliciously rich and filling, I like to nibble on a few squares for quick energy and appreciate that I have an alternative to the number of empty calorie options that are out there.  I’m looking forward to trying more Wholeplus products!" Erica - Business Coach