About Us... well, me Jo!


The Wholeplus Toppers range was created by Jo; the health conscious foodie behind the popular plant-based recipe and mindset blog 'Including Cake'. What first began as an extension of her active lifestyle and personal nutritional ethos, became all encompassing after completing the Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, part of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and qualifying as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

"Fitness has always been an important part of my life.... I just fidget too much to stay still for very long! Over the course of time I came to realise just how important nutrition is in creating optimal fitness, both physically and mentally. Through my exploration and transition to a plant based wholefood lifestyle I have found a philosophy that ticks all the boxes.

Creativity is also an equal passion, a lifelong obsession to always be coming up with new and interesting ideas. Wholeplus Toppers were born from this place of creativity... the perfect ingredient to inspire your own sweet creations in the kitchen". 

For even more creative inspiration and mindset motivation, head over to 'Including Cake' and connect with Jo there.


In addition to being vegan, our products are also free from refined sugar, they are gluten-free and of course they are both egg and dairy free. All our products also use all natural ingredients that are organic where possible.

Of course you can munch of a spoonful of Toppers straight out of the pack... but the real magic happens when you get creative with your meals and snacks?  Check out the gallery and get inspired!  Do you have a creation of your own? Get in touch to let us know, we love to be inspired by you too.


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